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    Alex Rassekh, LPC, NCC, Board Certified Counselor

    Hi. My name is Alex Rassekh, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and owner of Noble Minds Counseling.

    I was born and raised on the east coast where I worked for several years on the development of cancer medicines prior to finding my calling as a mental health professional. The journey has taken me from one world to another, where I can say that I have found my home and look forward to learning about you and your life story.


    “Dost thou reckon thyself only a puny form when within thee the universe is folded?”
    – Baha’u’llah


    Approach and Philosophy

    Alleviating symptoms is important and helpful but not enough. A focus on treating symptoms alone often leaves the root causes of our problems unaddressed.  Part of our philosophy involves helping others to recognize and embrace their inner potential and strengths and using this in our therapy work together in order to lead a life of inner peace,  fulfillment, and resiliency. What can result is a lifelong process of inner development and continuous fulfillment sometimes referred to as a growth mindset.

    There is no magic formula, singular style, or one size fits all approach in therapy. This is especially true when it comes to things like trauma, PTSD and many other conditions. Many decades of research has clearly demonstrated that trauma and traumatic stress lives in both the mind and the body as it changes our thinking, feeling and our body’s actual physiology and functioning. There is a profound connection and inter-dependence between the mind and the body, which must be taken into account in our healing process. At Noble Minds we utilize an integrative approach in that different therapy models are weaved together to address both the mind and the body and tailor services to your unique personality and needs.

    We have tremendous respect for the courage and vulnerability of our clients and their life stories. Central to our practice is the creation of a warm, safe and unconditionally accepting, non-judgmental environment. In this space we can more easily be ourselves and authentically participate in a therapeutic relationship, where we will work together as a team to help improve your life and reach your goals.

    Background & Credentials

    My education includes not only academic studies and training but my life experiences and background as well. I bring many years of learning and growing through my own personal life challenges and triumphs. Being the bi-lingual son of immigrant parents with a non-traditional background as a former scientist/engineer,  has allowed me to develop a more holistic set of skills and knowledge that integrates the sciences, humanities, culture and spirituality to help aid in the healing process and better serve my clients.

    My formal educational background consists of a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, as well as degrees in bio-chemical engineering. I am a licensed mental health clinician (LPC) in the state of Oregon, which means that I have met all of the requirements and standards required of practicing mental health professionals as set forth by state boards. I am also trained in several different therapeutic approaches and modalities including EMDR and others.